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The goal of the EAP program is to supply students with the level of English language skills needed to success in a Canadian university setting.  During the program, students practice academic and language activities that they will encounter during their university studies. Activities include viewing and discussing videotaped lectures, listening and note-taking, practicing academic reading and writing. Students will also build critical thinking and research skills and participate in a number of discussions and seminars.

Students in the EAP Program have the opportunity to experience university life through peer-to-peer visits. Organized by ICEAP Toronto and King's Students' Union, the visits give ICEAP Toronto students a chance to meet university/college students making the transition to their future education institution an easy one. ICEAP Toronto students are also encouraged to participate in the many social and cultural activities offered at school.

The EAP program has eight levels with each being eight weeks in length, ranging from Beginner to Bridge Course Levels. On the first day of the semester, student will be tested and placed into the level best suited to your needs and interests.

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Bridging Program

This 8-week course involves in-class work and assignments in order to achieve full marks in the component of the General Bridge program. The course consists of vocabulary development and academic reading and writing. It is well integrated (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) and provides a well-rounded program of study. During the Friday seminars, emphasis is placed on developing specialized language according to students’ fields of studies.

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Pre-Master of Science in Computer Science

This course prepares students to succeed in a Master’s of Computer Science degree with a focus on techniques and structures currently in use in the software engineering world. This module provides students with ample opportunities to improve their abilities in the essentials of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Furthermore, the language used in maths and physics is studied to ensure comprehension in these subjects.

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Pre-Master of Education

This course is designed for students who wish to improve their English language skills to gain admission to the M.Ed program in partnership schools. It is a 4-month intensive program focused on modules such as Research Skills, Critical Thinking, Media Literacy, Socio-Cultural Competence, etc.

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King's Bridging Program

This unique pathway program is designed in conjunction with the first-year subjects at King’s University College at Western University. This correlation ensures students’ academic success when they transition to this prestigious institution after completing this program.

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Student from Russia - Bridging to Cape Breton University.

Olga Smirnova

"I really liked the language courses at ICEAP Toronto. It was an unforgettable experience, which helped me to acquire new skills in speaking and writing, to meet an incredibly good team, and also to find new friends. Thanks to the ICEAP Toronto class teachers, I learned a lot about Canada in general, their knowledge and experience helped me learn many fascinating facts about the country. For me personally, studying at ICEAP Toronto has become one of the most exciting and enjoyable events in my life! In two months I will start my academic program at Cape Breton University! See you soon!»

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Student from Ukraine - Bridging to Centennial College

Nikita Pelypenko

Canada is a fantastic country, I am very glad that I got here through ICEAP Toronto EAP Program. When I came to Canada from Ukraine, for the first few days everything seemed so unusual. All the people I met were very open and eager to help, they were always smiling and wishing me a great day. It seems like everyone is very kind and friendly. Canada is driving me crazy. Here everything is done for people: TTC pass for all types of transportation, free tennis courts, gyms and sports facilities. Speaking about the nature here ... it is fantastic: scenic views, mountains, forests, clear water in Lake Ontario. There are many equipped tourist routes in the mountains and recreation areas near the water. Speaking about the school, it was pretty difficult to study as there was much of homework and assignments. Nevertheless, I literary felt how my level of English was growing every day and after only a few month I felt really confident. The program was properly balanced and teacher were always there to help. .I am very grateful to my agency for the opportunity to see all this beauty and get an education in such a great country like Canada!

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Student from Ukraine - Bridging to Fanshawe College

Adelina Korchak

Hello, my name is Adeline🙂 I decided to skip IELTS and now I am studying at ICEAP Toronto Toronto. I have a fantastic experience here. I was very lucky to have the best tutors, everyone is funny, they treat us as friends, unlike Ukrainian teachers. Every day, when we come to ICEAP Toronto, the teacher asks how we are doing, what's new, how was our the day and what plans do we have. Some days we are learning through playing games. Usually we are working in pairs, it helps a lot in learning English. They do everything so that the lessons are not boring. Once a week we have a movie with free pizza and drinks in ICEAP Toronto. And they also organize activities, by the way, quite interesting ones (for example, we have recently been to Niagara Falls, Casa Loma castle, played bowling, went to the park). If you know English well and you have a dream to study abroad, then go straight to ICEAP Toronto, and they will help you help you to master your skills, adopt to the new culture and simply feel like home.

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ICEAP Toronto is a guarantee of quality and effective language training. The goal of our programs is aimed at improving the language and academic skills of students, which allows them to be more successful and fully prepared for their university life.


Over 1000 students every year chose ICEAP Toronto for EAP Preparation.


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This is the sixth largest college in Canada, which for the past 50 years has been successfully teaching students from Canada and 60 other countries. It has 4 campuses in London, Simcoe, St. Thomas and Woodstock and is located in the picturesque southern part of Ontario, near the border with the United States.

More than 200 programs in 30 areas of study make Fanshawe College the leading polytechnic institution in Southwestern Ontario.

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University Located in the center of the beautiful Niagara Peninsula of Canada in St. Catharines, Ontario, 70 km from Toronto. It is the only Canadian university that is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

King's Unviersity College is the part of Western University, which is in the TOP-5 of the best universities in Canada. Situated in London, ON it has a long proud history and provides a number of special scholarship in the amount of up to 8,000 CAD !!!

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Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology is one of the largest public colleges in Canada. Located in Ottawa, Ontario. The college is equipped with the latest technology. Recently, the government has allocated an additional $ 7 million to create a digital college at the school, which will become the largest center in the country, integrating all existing digital programs.

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King's Unviersity College is the part of Western University, which is in the TOP-5 of the best universities in Canada. Situated in London, ON it has a long proud history, offering excellent academic programs, various scholarships and high-quality student services.

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Our Activities

ICEAP Toronto organizes activities that are not only interactive and engaging, but fun and entertaining.

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Movie Nights

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CN Tower

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Niagara Falls

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Blue Jays Game

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Wasaga Beach

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Ripley Aquarium

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